Something to stir your soul

YOU are more than ordinary!

Being broken does not disqualify YOU! 
YOU are not forsaken!

YOU are more than the spaces you confine yourself to! 

Your choices are not the definition of who YOU are!
Negative thoughts and words are not suppose to be your BFF!

Don't despair over how you feel God is managing YOUR life! 
God is not the wind trying to blow you down. He is with YOU in this all consuming tornado!

YOUR life is worth one more try. Don't give up! 
God never clips YOUR wings!

What is the thing in the deepest part of you that makes you want more?  When you close your eyes and dream big what life do you see? Do you feel like you are being held back from the life you were meant to live?  Do you feel like all you do is hit dead ends? Do you feel like God is a good God just not to you? What stirred your soul? In the middle of these questions your not lost but in very good company. God is not done with YOU! God is not done with me...let's talk about it.

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