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Aiming For My Heart
July 13, 2012

These seasons seem to shoot through the sky. Like rockets with passion, aiming for my heart. Do I dare get in the way of one of them. It might penetrate my heart. It burns, and melts into a mess that makes me up. They look so brilliant in the sky. Looking up I see them shooting through the sky.  Like a hope, a prayer, a dream flying by. Are our dreams only one fleeting moment and it all burns up so fast or do they shot through the sky forever? Forever dreaming and hoping. Trying to connect to another time and place than now? Will the hope burn up like a star. I sometimes see my life and the hope that holds me together like the star that is in the sky. But sometimes my life only reflects like the falling star, burning up quick. Beautiful as it passes but if you look away you might miss it. Ever feel missed, if only for a moment. Was hoping someone would see the splendor but maybe I’m only fooling myself. Yet in my heart I know that I’m not burning out or falling. If I let every hope and prayer shoot through the sky at one moment how amazing would that be. Could I allow my soul to be exposed that much that every ounce of who I am would stain the sky. Would the sky hold on? Hold on to the wonder of one persons hopes and dreams. If only for a moment I would let the rockets fly. If only for a moment I could actually believe they mattered. If only for a moment all fear and doubt left this body so I could shoot across the sky. Oh rockets and stars aim for my heart tonight...


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