This site is meant to be an invitation for your soul. A place for it to move around in.  It is meant to inspire you, to help you let go, and to talk to you on a personal level.  My hope is that something on this site will move you towards living your life fully and with purpose and possibility.  If you feel stuck, still, or ready to jump off Colliding Moments was created to support you in the places you're in.  Hope you enjoy the journey.

Colliding Moments: You were hit with force while moving and the magnitude of this sent you into a different place than where you began.  You would forever be Not the Same.

Colliding moments are the things that shape your story, who you are and who you will become. For some they are where you became broken. For some it is where you became whole.   For some they were glances of what you would become. At that moment of impact you may not have had all the answers but you knew
something deep inside of you was moved. As the reality of the collision set in you began with the questions of your life. Your life’s circumstances began to drown out who you are and what you were meant to be. The dreams you had became small and the path to your destiny seemed like a distant faint light at the end of an impossible tunnel.

God did not place your life, your purpose, your destiny at the end of this dark place. God meant for you to walk into wide open spaces. Are these colliding moments screaming to you in the stillness of your life? Are your dreams creeping around the corner telling you come find me? Are you tired of walking the path that you already know where it leads you? Have you tried to fit this colliding moment into your life only to be left with frustration, doubt, and more confusion? Every time you get on the launch pad do you settle with normal and feel stuck in your circumstances? Do you feel like you are on the brink of greatness but you’ve lost your way?

Would you be willing to let someone come along side of you? Colliding Moments does just that. We help build you up and help you capture what God has started in these moments of your life.  Through coaching, talking, listening, art and creative expression my hope is that we can help you find your way again.  It might not even be that there were a lot of dark places it just may be that you have become stuck in life and you're not sure which way your going.  It may be that you are just feeling lost at the moment and need to get through this time in your life. Either way sometimes it's helpful to have a person outside of your circle to be able to listen in on your life.  Sometimes that person can also have the ability to speak into what you are experiencing and help guide and direct  what could be some possibility for what is next. 

Call me if you want to talk or need someone to pray with you. Colliding Moments services are confidential. Call me at (909)471-6897 or email tjcollidingmoments@gmail.com 
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