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I Dare You!
July 8, 2015

Have you ever been dared to do something. Most the time a dare comes with a price of risk or embarrassment.  I remember playing truth or dare with friends in school.  I remember many times taking the dare over the truth.  The dares ranged from doing something outrageous to something embarrassing.  Do you ever find yourself daring yourself to do something? 

Placing yourself in a position of change is like a dare.  I have been looking at my own life and have wondered if I have the boldness, the risk, the nerve to dare myself to fully become all that I believe I was created to be.  The truth is we all want to be better.  We all want our dreams and our lives to be whole and complete.  It comes with with a dare and that dare is to go out on a limb and defy the circumstances of our lives.  

When we position ourselves for true change, we set our lives up for massive possibility.  My hope for each for each of you would be that you would be audacious enough to dare yourself for true change.  The only person in this life you have to prove something to is yourself.  To step into a dare means that you are willing to step into change.  God loves us just for who we are, but I know that He has placed hopes, dreams, goals and change inside our hearts as well.  Sometimes it takes something bold like a dare to trigger the change. So it is my goal to dare each of you to make the life that matters to you the most important thing.  Are you up for the challenge? I’m right here with you making my own changes and stepping into new places in my own life. New moments, new seasons and possibility are just a dare away, so with that said I dare you to live the life you have always wanted for yourself.~ Tony Jacobs


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