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The Uncertain Road
September 4, 2017

Roads lead us to where we want to be and where we belong. If you are anything like me sometimes those roads take us in directions that sometimes don’t always make sense.  Sometimes we need the long roads and at times we take the quickest route.  These roads are often met with challenges and road hazards that just don't make sense.  They come out of nowhere and attempt to frustrate our progress. Detours and wrong turns are all part of this path.  I'm learning more and more to take those moments and relish the scenic view and choose to take it all in.  That moment, you know the moment, the one that seems to stop us dead in our paths? I know you have experienced it before. Our lives have been filled with those moments.  In those moments will we remain? During that time will we find a way to keep moving?  Will those moments become our new norm or will it propel us even farther along the pathway?  My hope is that we keep going, never ending and never giving up! My prayer is our new norm will actually be pressing forward to places we've only dreamed about in our lives.  Deep inside, it's time to push on and to soar and to thrive and to soak it all in.  You, me, and all of us were never meant to be stuck and alone along this journey. We were all meant for our dreams, our possibilities, our hopes and our lives to actually come true.  No matter what road you are currently on don’t give up on hope.  Remember, hope never gives up on us.  It roots for us and calls our name when the road is uncertain.~ Tony Jacobs 


On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, sandraphillipsbradley said
I would only add that Hope is a Person.


On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Teresa said
Needed this! Uncertain road...choosing to press forward. Love you, my friend! Keep coloring outside the lines.


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