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The Price of Change- One Person At a Time
December 21, 2019

My adult life has always consisted of helping and serving others with much joy!  Christmas time is about sharing special moments among family, friends, and others in our lives. This time of year brings many people joy, hope, and love. For many, this season is such a joyous time of year.  A time of reflecting of all the good things this past year has brought them.  It is a time for family and friends.  It a time to be less selfish and not about ourselves.  

Yet the quiet voices are loudly whispering this time of year.  Can you hear them?  

The ones that say that everything is fine, but their lives are falling apart. The lonely and the broken-hearted scream the loudest at this time of year.  The grieving hearts hanging on in-between the carols being sung. Some are counting the days for the Holidays to be over with.  There are plenty of people that might not have the family or the friends to be with this time of year while the rest of world goes by in their merry way.  We are generally clueless when it comes to what people are truly facing in their lives.  I do not think many of us do it on purpose, but it is always easier to just accept that things are “fine” with folks.  The dark reality is much of the world is searching, hurting and alone.  I think this is something all of us can relate too.  We have all had seasons in our life where things were not great.  We have all faced moments where life didn’t go the way we thought it should.  We do not fully understand other people’s seasons, but I know that we all have inside of us something we can do for others. The way we change the world is by helping one person that might be enduring these things this Holiday season.  It means that we must step outside ourselves and actually care for people, love them where they are at and offer them some Hope.  It means becoming creative in how we approach people.  It could be as simple as a smile to everyone you see today.  It can be compliments and good cheer.  It can be gifting someone with something meaningful.  It could be literally going up to a random stranger that might need some help and helping them.  It could be paying for someone’s coffee in the drive thru.  It could be picking up the phone and calling someone who has been on your mind.

We can change the world, but it comes with a price.  The price is one person at a time.  It means caring and loving folks through their darkest and loneliest moments.   I believe all of us have the ability to bring hope to those around us. I hope that this season will bring all of us opportunity to love deeply and care more for those around us.~Tony Jacobs 



On Saturday, December 21, 2019, charlie said
Well Said!!!


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