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July 3, 2012

Divine Motion

Searching for the mercy world. To fill the holes inside of this soul.  Sometimes I continue to seek after the cold gazes.  They arm themselves with my choices. Shot to kill...to stop the progress of purpose.  Choices...costing me You....Find me Mercy in the ideas that i’m new and have been issued a new life. Bracing myself for the change...the change inside. This will cost me everything...but everything has got me nowhere. Everything has left me for dead.  So I think it’s time to let go of everything and fall into a wide open life.  Complete in me the things I can not see.  The life inside of me let it break free.  Like a messy storm of light.  Union of love place Yourself by my heart.  Guard me from the past that lingers and creeps into the secret places of life. It pretends that it’s not looking but it watches every step.  I’m reminded to build around the imperfection of my life. Construct on the truths that live in this soul.  It’s in this place where my soul sings.  It’s in this moment that I am finding myself wanting to break free into the life I was meant to live.  The stillness of life wants me to carve out a life made of nothing.  So that I can touch nothing and do nothing and have nothing to give.  I can feel a stirring in the deep parts of me. A stirring that won’t allow me to settle with being still.  A passage that introduces me with the divine motion of my life. 

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