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All Things Have Become New
February 15, 2013

I’ve been tossing around the whole idea that in Christ all things have become new.  Does this mean that all the parts of my life that do not exactly fall into “new” are? No I think that all of life is a process.  A journey if you would. It’s in this journey that things become new.  It’s in the walking, growing and searching we find the newness of our lives. Newness comes from choosing that at some point our life matters.  So staying in the same place as before is no longer an option.  I think all of us desire to be new.  Think for a moment about your choices, your past, maybe your present.  What do we see?  Could you use some new choices, a new perspective on your past or a place today that is full of newness?  I do.  I want all parts of my life to walk in new seasons. I’ve come to realize that even in the parts that are in desperate need of renewal there is mercy and redemption.  We don’t always come out stronger.  In fact I think when we start to journey to newness we at times fall to weaker places.  Yet I think in the weakness is where God wants us to be.  In the weakness we are free, complete and made new.  The beauty of becoming new is that God is walking with us every step of the way.  I have been made new.  That does not mean my life is perfect in any way.  It means that my life is in transformation to become better, restored and new.  


On Friday, February 22, 2013, Kara Sesma said
The part that really spoke to me was, "...we don't always come out stronger." I think we can learn much when we are at our weakest. There's a certain clarity revealed when you're broken and weakened. Then, with God's grace, you are renewed. Thanks for posting your thoughts Tony...


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