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The Desire To Walk Away From Broken Places
September 5, 2013

Someone recently asked me “Tony are you like some self help guru”? I had to laugh for a moment because the person asking me this really saw me in that light.  My response to her was this.  I don’t know if self help is the answer to what I do.  Self is not what I’m aiming for. I want people to move past the broken places of their lives. But what I do know is this.  I want to help people to get to higher places in their lives.  I want people to chase fast after the things that burn deep inside their souls.  For the people that have settled because of circumstances I want to shake their souls and wake them from sleep.  I want people to find the amazing life that God destined for each of us.  To not be defined by the hurt, pain and broken places that make up our stories.  I don’t have all the answers for why all types of things happen to us and to those around us.  I do know that God will take every event, story and circumstance and use it to connect us to Him more.  I talk to people every day and I know this people are not taking very good care of their souls. They remain stuck, fearful and alone.  That is not the life that God has for any of us.  So as much as I’m not a self help guru I’m someone that wants to help people reach out of themselves and start finding the possibility of who they are. To learn how to flip on the switch and stop seeing themselves as broken. I want people to see themselves as God sees them. Beautiful, amazing and full of light.  I want to see people lay down the moments that have shaped us that keep us locked up.  Oh I know how hard that is.  Sometimes that locked up place is all we know. It becomes  what we identify with. Yet my hope chases after people opening up their souls and allowing the light to pour inside.  To be able to walk away from the pain that has crippled for way too long.  To see people walk in new seasons of life.  So am I self help person? I don’t think so but I think I am here to help.


On Thursday, September 5, 2013, Glenna said
I loved your post today. You help every time I get to talk to you. You touch our hearts. God has sent you to bless us. God bless brother.


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