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April 2, 2021


I believe we often find ourselves looking to fill the gaps, holes, and emptiness in our lives with things that might never fill that void inside of us.  We were created to know, to feel, and receive love.  Far too often that has not always been the case or modeled well for us. So instead, we fill our lives with things that might give us moments of fulfilment but often leave us parched and dry on the inside of our souls.  


For many of us we don’t even know how to love ourselves let alone others.  I know for me my faith in God has always been that love for me, but I must admit my humanness sometimes gets the best of me.  We seek fulfillment from relationships, substance, “like’s” or “hearts” on our favorite social media platforms.  We post things about our lives for the world to see and we do not always get the response from others that we hoped for.  This can lead us down a path of thinking we aren’t enough, or we aren’t part of the cool kid club.  Even as adults we are always looking for validation.  Yet we live in a world that too often wants to disqualify us.  When we stop looking to everything else and everyone else for validation is where we will find true freedom. We lock up our souls in words, careers, relationships, food, substance, and so much more. Yet these things cannot fulfill the love that we need or desire.  Yes, my faith in God has always pointed me to a love that has never failed me. Now don’t get me wrong that faith has been rocked, rattled and shaken more times than I want to even admit.  At times, it led me to spaces of self seeking hollowness. The more I attempted to fill the holes in my life with things that I thought would fill me the more it led to more emptiness.  We cannot fill empty holes with nothing.  We will spend a lifetime going from one thing to the next.   We will waste so much precious time investing in things that will never bring true love, true contentment, or true joy.  I hope that the coming days and months will be a time for us all to be loving ourselves more.  I hope the year finds us finding love in the right places.  I hope that somewhere along the way you and God collide with one another and talk out all the past or present stuff.  Why? Because it’s time to let go of everything that has held you back from living.  It’s time to stop grasping for things that you know deep down inside won’t bring true fulfillment inside of you. Peace, Hope, Light and Love to each of you!   


On Saturday, April 3, 2021, Ranae said
Thank you for this ❤️


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